The creator created the universe

The possible form of a universal creator

Are you asking me if I believe in God?

I believe in a universal creator of the whole universe. So also described by Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

What do I mean by "universal creator"?

I see different, possible forms of a universal creator.

1st The spaced form

The creator would not be "attached" to his creation, but would create one or more universes. The creator himself would be above the universe.

creator 1
Above: The independent creator to the universe?

This creator thus corresponds roughly to the general and normal belief among human beings.

2nd The material form

The universe and the creator would be the same thing.

creator 2
Above: Is the creator the universe?

To explain it figuratively, in this case, our solar system could be a small atom in the body of the creator himself.How the body of the creator would actually be composed, it would be very difficult to find out.

3rd The totality of souls

The totality of all the souls in the universe and the creator himself would be the same thing. This means that our soul would be a very small part of the creator himself.

creator 3
Above: Is the Creator the totality of souls?

That would be a believable form.

The totality of souls would then create the universe. Unconsciously, we too would be part of the collective consciousness.

4th The matrix

The creator would lead us to believe that we are in a material and real world. But in fact, it would just be sort of a realistic dream.

5th The spiritual but material form

As already written, the creator could be the totality of souls.

But the totality of souls would already have existed before the creation of matter and would then create the universe of matter. The collective consciousness would have everything under control.

6th Additional possibilities

There are countless more possibilities with all their variations. The above enumeration is certainly not conclusive and would only like to show what could be understood under the "creator". The human brain is probably too small to understand everything.

But there's one thing to say:

From "nothing" nothing can arise. This means that the universe was created from "something", whatever it is.