Mayan culture and art
die Grabplatte von Palenque
The tombstone of the tomb of Palenque colored by P. Peruzzi

The fabulous Mayan culture

Una cultura misteriosa che si ama mantenere misteriosa.

Nowadays, people in Europe and America are increasingly interested in the Mayan culture. In the past, many things were spread that were not very credible. Above all, the Catholic Church has had a difficult time with this culture for 500 years and is doing everything it can to wipe out the Maya. But why?

The Spanish inquisitors have destroyed a lot and still try to make the 'astronaut of Palenque' as implausible as possible.

frederik catherwood 1840 maya kultur grafik bild
An excellent watercolour by Frederik Catherwood, from around 1840.

Certainly the Maya saw things and then transformed them into images. Later they may have incorporated these "sightings" into their religious acts and rituals.

But there must have been a huge technological difference between the Maya and the supposed gods. Otherwise the sculptures would certainly have been carved differently. But this does not mean that the Palenque astronaut had to be an extraterrestrial. He could also have been a human being from another continent.